Our Story

Founded in 2012, we at Chaebol Events have been providing team building activities for many corporate companies and schools and are also known for organising Nerf related events and parties all around Singapore.

We are all about real games.
Games that challenge your mind and body.
Games that require cohesive teams to compete.
Games that are fun and reminiscent of your childhood.
We create and organize these great games, and you are the ultimate challenger.

Company Mission
Our Mission is to create engaging experiences through games that promote cohesiveness and teamwork among players.

Company Vision
Our vision is to become the leading organizer and creator of game events that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Company Values
Integrity: We believe having integrity is important in whatever we do. It encompasses the honesty we have towards ourselves and our clients without any excuses. It is also something we try to impart on our clients through our games hostings.

Team Spirit: We believe in working as a team. Together, we can overcome any obstacles coming our way.

Fighting spirit: No battle is too hard for us. Never give up! EVER!