Frequently Asked Qns

1. Are your Nerf activities for kids only?
- Absolutely not! Our Nerf activities are similar to paintball and lasertag, and we have designed games suitable for teenagers and adults too.

2. Where will the event be conducted at?
- As we are mobile, the event can be conducted at almost anywhere as long as it is spacious enough (i.e. 1 badminton court size). We usually conduct at open fields, public parks, condominium, function rooms or indoor courts.

3. For outdoor venues, what happens if it rains?
- In the case of rain before the event, we will provide a free postponement of the event date. If it happens mid-way, we will find the nearest shelter and wait it out, and event time will be extended accordingly. Meanwhile, if space allows, we will conduct some mini games while waiting.

4. Will there be food & drinks provided?
- Our main focus is providing game entertainment service, therefore food & drinks will not be provided by us.

5. For Nerf wars, what types of games will be played?
- Our games will be according to players’ age. For young players, the games are designed to be straightforward with single objective. For teenagers & above, the games will include missions which requires strategy and teamwork.

6. Can I bring my own guns to play?
- Yes, you may. However, whether the gun can be use in our games will be subjected to Game Master's decision.

7. I do not have a final headcount yet. Can I instead reserve a time slot first?
- Yes, you may! Just let us know the final headcount at least 3 days before the event date.

8. Do you cater for last minute additional pax?
- Yes, however for only up to 2 more additional pax.

9. I booked for 15 pax but only 10 people came. How will you charge?
- On the actual day, we allow reduction up to 2 pax. Therefore, if you book for 15 pax but only 10 came, the total payable will be based on 13 pax.

10. How do I proceed with the booking?

- E-mail to with the following:

  • Chosen package: Standard Nerf War, Strike Tactics, Tournament, or Customised package
  • Group size
  • Group age range
  • Event duration
  • Event date & time
  • Event venue
  • Your name & mobile no.
  • Event details, if applicable

We will follow up with a quotation and availability within 2 working days.

Can't find the answer you need? Do not hesitate to contact us!